For three years, this project has been meandering. It is now time to try to understand why?

The many ideas of morphing my system, where the content is integrated with procedural things, beyond just displaying the content has come to pass.

It has been established the fixed “real estate” in the render engine, (how it looks) is something I want to stick with. This simplifies content display, and since I’ve already gone to the trouble of generating the necessary code to automate this, I’ll stick with that format.

Further, I wanted to explore, for a long time now, how the UI can encapsulate the ideas of Topics being the high order of questions being posited. That is the questions of the data will be related to “Topic”, and “Keyword”.

Also, what buttons and basic functionality will be included in the base template (beyond just authenticating users, sending password reminders, and the basics of any website application).

For example what is a common generalized function that all “Topic Based Websites” would incur?

Galleries, and enumerations of content types aren’t really a functional element. Inter-relating this content, and learning things about it is.

Let’s start again with the idea of the “Dog Site”. Since we have all the breeds, what is a generalized idea that connects these concepts together? The idea is “information”. What additional information can be obtained and integrated with our content references? How about answers to questions about that content?

So positing user-based questions as Search query’s on Quora, and assembling yet another set of underlying content, (with a disconnect from general search – the query results) such that further meta data can be built, and associated with the end users content references, could be one way of integrating more “knowledge” into the user-based content lib.

I will now research how to integrate Quora responses with content references, and where best to insert that feature.

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