SEO and Keywords

Being relatively new to SEO, I realized that finding keywords isn’t new.

A critical difference between finding keywords and finding lists of keywords comes down to “advertising”, or more specifically what people in the world have decided constitutes a “list of things”, not if that list of things is a complete entity in itself.

For example, the fact is there are X number of fruit species in the world, but not everyone is going to be interested, in advertising fruit #3522 (some arcane tastiness that isn’t really interesting to people other than those studying fruit).

Anyway it all boils down to outsourcing data and using sites like DataForSeo.

They have a good service, especially the API, so I may end up using them to run through my test cases. I’ve signed up for a test account and am beginning to play around with integrating this with my scripts, but it is expensive, and I can’t really afford it.

Rolling my own “Keyword Associations”, is not necessarily a good place to spend my time, so instead of pursing that, in the coming posts, I will be focusing more on the Big Data aspects of my solution.

I’m coming back around to researching Silver Searcher (Ag), and how rolling my own pseudo block-chain of urls, can optimize the TB’s I have on my cluster.

Next post will be regarding that!

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