Taking care of the network…

Well I’ve had to put the searching of Hadoop storage areas (under the guise of Ag), on hold for the last day or two.

In particular my website http://keywordbuttons.com has been the main task for the last couple of days.

I’ve decided I’d better setup a test server permanently, so I’m not bringing the live site up and down all the time. I do want to get some traction with these ideas, and with the site not being consistently up, I thought it was time.

So I devoted one of my six nodes of Hadoop to run Apache and the PHP scripting environment. http://keywordbuttons.com/phpinfo.php

I soon discovered that the second node (for the test environment) was not running PHP 7.3, so I had to go through the tasks of getting both environments the same – even though it was only one dot away (7.2).

Nevertheless, the test server is up, and I can access it as if it was a live site using the regular dns name http://keywordbuttons.com, because I tweaked the host file on my windows test machine, and KWB then will resolve to the non-rout-able IP on my internal LAN.

Keeping things identical is critical for me, because when I want to move my changes from the test server to the live server, I can just copy the entire content folder over, and everything should work identically, assuming my software requirements are the same on each node.

When I initially setup hadoop, I cloned the six 2TB hard drives from the same source, so the environments are identical, except for things I changed on the first node afterward (hence the PHP differential).

Anyway, now I’m feeling much better about moving forward, and seeking out ways to test Ag.

More on Ag tomorrow, but b4 I go down that road, I’m going to rewrite the hadoop files, with tagged initialization files. In this way I’ll have a more systematic way of searching the nodes for space when I want to insert harvested urls.

Also, concurrently during this time, I will be playing around with standard approaches to writing the harvested urls.

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