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I’ve contacted a Professor at BYU, in the linguistics department in order to throw around a few ideas about how to best integrate a good dictionary in KWB.

This has been a thorn in my side for development of KWB for a long time. Many dictionaries out there are available, but are either expensive, or have copyright attachments, that frankly don’t make much sense to me.

When I first started KWB many years ago, I used a dictionary that was basically 26 files of tagged HTML, where each word had HTML tags, that delineated the definitions. The problem with this is many word endings, or other forms of words, or even more modern words were not included, not to mention “long tail keywords”…

Then I opted to lookup defs on Dictionary.com, and this is not really an option because I want a local storage area to contain the word definitions.

This all maps back to the need to generate lists from what I call “Topics”. Topics in my nomenclature are really just lists of things. Lists of dog breeds (The AKC registered Dog List, The list of National Footbal Teams, and on).

The idea here is that search can be targeted around “interests”, as opposed to just a single pointed term.

Finding content to fit the bill here is ongoing, and I’m trying to engage a few people on the web to come up with ideas for this.

One such person, is in the SEO area, and the other BYU professor seems somewhat interested, but likley will be too busy to help, so if anybody out there knows a good way to generate List content, of the type I’m describing, please contact me cfleshner@fleshner[dot]com.

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